The Ring Gender Test!

A Pregnancy Superstition That Really Works?

What Is

This test says to predict every baby and gender you have and future babies!

*may include any losses* this was the case for me!

What do i need?

All you need is a Strand of your hair threaded through a ring (traditionally the expectant mom’s wedding band) try the keep the length long enough but not too long!

How to Do It

Once you have your ring "pendulum" ready, place your less dominant hand palm down, flat on a hard surface, spread fingers a little so there is a gap in between each finger,

Starting from your little finger, swing at a reasonable pace in between each finger and back again! once you have come back, move over the back of your hand, if this goes in a circle, this is a boy result! side to side a girl! once left about 5- 10 seconds, touch ring down beside your hand and start again! do this as many times until it literally completely stops! freaky!

2 videos from YouTube to have visual help on how to do!

My Result was:

It really feels like there is a magnet in your hand!

Circle = Boy I Correct

Circle = Boy I Unknown loss

Circle = Boy I Unknown loss

Circle = Boy I Unknown loss

Side To Side = Girl I Correct

Circle = Boy I Correct


I would love to know your results! and if this was correct for you!

let me know of the Facebook page post!

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