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Many Girls are typically mistaken for boys when they image with 3 lines!

Both boy and girl can image as 3 lines! however its what the structures show!

Gender Confirmation

For ultrasounds 15 weeks onwards ONLY

If you've already had a scan and been given a gender result, but you're seeking some extra reassurance, then my gender reassurance pack is perfect for you! I understand that sometimes you just need that extra peace of mind before you start buying all those pink or blue items, or maybe you're open to exploring other colors like purple or green if that's your wish.


Simply send me your ultrasound scans, and I'll be able to help alleviate any doubts or uncertainties you may have. As someone who has successfully confirmed the gender for many expecting parents in a clinic-based environment, I am now offering my expertise in performing gender scans myself!


Rest assured, you have the best professional examining your ultrasounds. Gender determination is my specialty, and I take great pride in providing accurate results.


You can trust that I will carefully analyze your images, whether it's a clear "potty shot" between the legs or a side shot past 15 weeks. I will then provide you with a detailed drawing complete with labels, clearly indicating your baby's gender. You can rely on my expertise and experience to give you the reassurance you need.

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