Finding out you’re pregnant!

Most women don’t know they’re pregnant up until about the 6th week of pregnancy when you may of noticed the early symptoms.

It can be a very overwhelming time when you find out you’re pregnant, whether you were trying to conceive or it was a complete shock. Emotions can be all over the place, nervousness, excitement, scared, over the moon, it’s just a rush of emotion.

My Story!

I found out around 3-4 weeks as my sister had an inkling I was pregnant with the signs I was giving, first being sensitive breasts and passing a lot of wind 🙈😂

She was adamant for me to take a pregnancy test, so I went ahead but I didn’t dare look, I brought It to my sister and we left it for what seemed ages. I told my sister to look at it before me and she gave me ’the look’. I just knew what she was seeing!

I‘m having a BABY! 🤭

I didn’t quite believe it until I did more tests and as the days went on the more and more it showed up. But it was when I did a digital test that fully confirmed it for me, it actually felt real!

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