‘Old Wives Tales’

Are you getting very impatient to find out whether your baby is a boy or girl? Well here’s a few fun ways to pass the time whilst you are waiting.

Note: I wouldn’t take these too seriously, it’s just for fun!

▫️Does your baby’s heartbeat sound like a train track or a galloping horse?

It’s said that if it sounds like a ‘train track’ your baby is a boy! 💙

And if it sounds like a ’galloping horse’ then it’s a girl! 💗

▫️The urine and baking soda test

So this experiment depends on whether the urine fizzes or stays the same when you put the baking soda in. The baking soda reacts to the acids in your urine which will cause some to fizz, so this depends on the PH of your urine which will be different depending on the baby’s Sex.

You will just need to pee in a small container and then add an equal amount of baking soda.

If it fizzes ‘like a beer’ the you are having a boy! 💙

If it just stays the same then you are having a girl! 💗

This one was actually correct with me! But as I said it’s just for fun!

▫️Are you‘re cravings sweet or salty?

It’s known that if you crave sweet foods then you are having a girl! 💗

And if you crave salty foods then you are having a boy! 💙

▫️Chinese Gender Chart

So with the Chinese gender chart you go by the age you were at the time of conception and the month of conception and follow the diagram to see whether it suggests boy or girl!

This was also correct for me! I was 22 and January I conceived. 💗

▫️Ring Test

Place your own ring on a strand of your hair. Place on the left palm and then hover over. If it swings from side to side then it’s known to be a boy! 💙 If the ring swings in A circular motion then it’s a girl! 💗 Put it back on your palm and keep doing this until it stops and it’s actually supposed to tell you in order how many children you will have and their genders.

This is correct for me so far! 💗

▫️Baby Dreams

Whichever gender you are dreaming about is supposed to determine whether you are having a boy or girl.

▫️Do you have morning sickness?

Its said aid that if you have morning sickness then you’ll be having a girl! 💗

If you don’t then it’ll be a boy! 💙

This one definitely didn’t fit with me.. I didn’t suffer morning sickness and I had a baby girl! 💗

I hope you enjoy trying some of these out, congratulations on your pregnancy and I hope you are happy with the gender your baby may be. All that matters is for a happy and healthy baby. Good luck! 💙💗

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