How early can I actually find out the gender?

Finding out the gender of your baby can be a very exciting time for parents to be!

Its not a surprise to me that many parents are unsure of how early you can find out the gender of your baby.

Whether you choose to do it ASAP, wait until your baby is born or decide to share with a big gender reveal party, you do not need to wait until your 20 week scan to find out!

Your 20-week anomaly scan at the hospital is not to confirm gender, some will not tell you! or some sonographers may be able to say gender if it is clear. However, it is worth remembering that this scan is to check your baby health and ensuring his/her development is as expected.

many midwives or professionals will also say this is fake. Or the nub is their leg or foot. this is sooo untrue.

Here at i can tell you the gender of your baby from 12 weeks looking at your babies external genitals developing from the side!


All i need is your 12+ week scans/videos!

And a view of the Nub "external genitals"

This is backed by science and has up-to 99.9%* accuracy!

But this does depend on the gestation your baby measured during the scan as the Nub goes through a huge development in the 12th week, and visible changes can be seen on ultrasound. 12.5 weeks on wards is the most preferably age for accuracy!

but many boys can be detected with great accuracy earlier!

Now, all you need to determine is whether or not you want to find out!

Send you scans to for me to analyse your scans to see if I’m able to help with gender

Best Wishes on your pregnancy

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