Headaches/Migraines during pregnancy?

Struggling to open your eyes due to tiredness? morning sickness making you exhausted? what women don’t plan/expect is migraines.

Migraines may not be at the top of your priority list or even on it while you are pregnant, but it should be! (everyone is different)

Due to the hormonal and of course physical changes we endure, headaches and migraines are extremely common while pregnant.

As mothers (blog team) we are here to explain a variety of topics in our blogs and with this blog, you will gain access into why these changes occur while pregnant when to expect migraines and headaches and the best solutions for you to endure and successfully solve your painful migraine and headaches problems.

We always advise to seek your doctor’s advice but we do hope that this blog assists your queries.

Why do I get migraines?

With the continuous changes to our bodies, when we are pregnant, it is hard to predict the scale of migraines and headaches that you will endure.

We do know that if women see a significant improvement in their first trimester, then they are less likely to experience migraines throughout their pregnancy.

If improvements have not been established by the end of your first trimester then your migraines and headaches are likely to pursue continuously throughout your trimesters and also, unfortunately, after you deliver.

Is there a common time for migraines to occur?

If we are completely honest with you, they can occur anytime during your pregnancy.

Many women experience their first ever migraine during their pregnancy period, which can result in a rise of stress and anxiety. Having the combination of pregnancy and migraines can be too much to bare but don’t panic!

most women experience and significant improvement in their migraines, around 70% in fact

Everyone has different experiences during their pregnancy and we must remember that we all have different bodies and different functionalities. some women don't experience them at a all.

What form of medication can I take for migraines while being pregnant?

What do we do when we are in pain? Naturally we go straight to painkillers.

However when you are pregnant, the use of medication should be limited, that doesn’t mean all forms of medication are not available to you. Paracetamol is normal advised

It’s always best to consult your midwife before you take any form of medication.

If you want to avoid medication there are other methods you can use to resolve these terrible headaches!

During your pregnancy, you will notice that certain foods may cause your headaches and migraines and it is key that you write these foods down.

As your body changes, you may find yourself "craving certain foods, keep in mind, reduce or eliminate to see if this helps.

Identifying these ‘trigger’ foods will aid you in your understanding of your migraine and headache patterns, resulting in avoiding these foods and conclude in fewer migraines.

For instance, it is said that strawberries can produce migraines, especially pregnant, also said for chocolate and cheese.

Stress, lack of sleep and exercise can also cause migraines.

It is important to see your doctor if you are experiencing headaches and migraines, especially if they are heightened after your first trimester to see what medication you are allowed within your pregnancy plan.

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